KrallCon 2014! Exclusive books!

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April 4th to the 6th is the 2nd annual KRALL CON convention! I’m trying to get enough money raised to fly in Swedish author Michael Faun as a guest. Please help by contributing to the link below. Even though we reached our original goal, we actually still don’t have enough.

This year, we will be having at least 4 exclusive KrallCon books that will ONLY be available to those who donate at least $20 to this campaign! Also, we are having live music (by HUMAN ADULT BAND, SLAVE TRADE, and more) and those who donate will also get video and/or audio of this.

Thanks in advance!


KrallCon 2014 Fundraising Campaign

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krallcon banner

Please help fund KrallCon 2014! I’d like to get Rob Harris (UK) and Michael Faun (Sweden) to the US for this event. I’d also like to rent out a hall so we can have live music (by HUMAN ADULT BAND among others) and author readings.

H.I.T.D. Communiqué #1

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Scam Alert!

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For those who have been keeping up with my work, I was supposed to have my book NUDE WITCH, NUDE published by Spectacular Productions which is run by someone named Christian Hanner. The press was established in 2010 and had quite a few titles scheduled including many anthologies with some of my friends and peers. Sadly, it is 2013 and nothing has been published.

Over the last year, whenever someone inquired about a book, Christian would reply with “It’s at the printers” or “It’ll be on Amazon this week”…. but nothing.

He has also threatened a young author, telling him to “not use that tone” when talking to him on Facebook.

There are more things about this individual that are disturbing but I won’t get into them here. However, I will say that they involve vulnerable women on the internet.

I will not be publishing with this author unless he does a complete 180degree change. This probably won’t happen as he has started to get a bunch of people blocked from Facebook (Including me) simply for asking when his books were going to be published.

I suggest going to this page and reporting it to Facebook. Go to “Report Page” and then “Other/Abusive Content” and then “Spam or Scam”…. since this press is indeed a scam.

Today only ALL TITLES $5 from Dynatox

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Today only… all Dynatox Ministries titles are $5 plus shipping.

Thomas Ligotti’s Teatro Grottesco

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teatro front

teatro spine

teatro back

I’m selling my hardcover 1st edition (2006) of Ligotti’s TEATRO GROTTESCO from Durtro. It’s in pristine condition. It is the unsigned edition. I’m asking $160. Contact filmynoir (at) live (dot) (com) if interested.


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