Posted in Uncategorized on September 15, 2014 by Jordan Krall (Fistful of Bizarro)

So… September 11th and 12th were not very good days for me. There was a surge of negativity directed my way (on the Internet of course). But out of the bad came good. More good than bad, actually. I’ve reconnected with friends with whom I had become estranged from. I have a better perspective on things.

I thank those who sent me supportive private messages, and those who voiced public support of me, and those who sent positive vibes and prayers.
But I think some people are under the impression that my silence on the matter is a result of my not being aware of it. Rest assured, I know what’s being said. I have simply chosen to not respond to the negativity AT ALL. I don’t hate the people involved. I do not wish them harm. If they ever want to bury the hatchet, I am always open to reconciliation. So, that’s all I’ll say on this. I’ve realized there are so many good people out there and I am focused on fostering relationships with them and being thankful for their presence. So.. If that pertains to you, thank you.

All shall be well!


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